5 Things which make Kerala a special state of India

There is a huge difference in the development level of different states of India . Few states like Punjab , Haryana , Maharashtra , Sikkim etc. have performed very well whereas other states like Bihar , U.P. , Orissa etc. have very ordinary situation of development .
Among all the states of India , Kerala deserves a separate and special mention for the systematic and efficient approach it has taken for development of the state .
Experts from all over the world have studied and appreciated certain aspects of the “Kerala model of development” .

Affiliate Relationship Disclosure

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A2 Hosting Review : I Am In LOVE With This FAST Web Host

Most important thing is that A2 hosting performs extremely well in the field of speed, security, support and uptime. These 4 things are known as pillars of web hosting service.
I have tested and analyzed all the highly popular web hosts like Bluehost, Hostgator, Ipage, Siteground, Inmotion, Dreamhost, Arvixe, Godaddy, A small orange etc.

None of the above mentioned web hosts could beat the overall quality of web hosting provided by A2 hosting, in terms of speed, uptime, support, security and other features.
In the end, i can conclude this unbiased, honest and detailed review with the following line :-
A2 hosting provides Fast, Reliable and Affordable web hosting. I strongly recommend it as a web host for your website/blog.

Bluehost Vs Hostgator : A Very Close Victory For Hostgator

This Bluehost vs Hostgator review will throw some light on web hosting quality of these two hosts.
Both the hosts are among biggest web hosting brands in the world and both have huge no. of websites hosted on their servers.
Both web hosts are very strong competitors in every department of hosting and their service quality is very close to each other.
But, Speed and Up-time record of Hostgator is clearly better than Bluehost, which becomes a decisive factor.
So, here is the conclusion of this Bluehost vs Hostgator review :-
Hostgator is slightly better than Bluehost in overall web hosting quality.