Every blog or website needs to have a detailed website speed and performance test at regular intervals of time to make sure that everything is going well with it . and ,

To find out , how is it performing as per the standards created by google and other search engines, internet community and other popular websites of the same niche .

(niche means field of a particular website like beauty, sports, web hosting, health, entertainment etc.) .

So, here are 3 very popular websites which we have used ourselves on many occasions to test the performance and speed of Zeniwo.com . These sites can be used by anyone without paying any money , and a detailed report of the website’s performance can be viewed  anytime .


3 Popular websites to do a free Website speed and performance test



Pingdom is a website based in Sweden and has became extremely popular , due to free website speed and performance test provided by it . Let’s find out how can it help you to track the performance of your website or blog :-

1 ) Using Pingdom is extremely easy , just enter your website address ( like – Zeniwo.com ) and get the results before your eyes , no email address or log in is needed .

2 ) It provides few very important details like page speed , page size , no. of requests generated by the website etc. on the very first page .


Pingdom provides simple and detailed reports of website speed and performance test


3 ) It has a box which has four tabs called waterfall , performance grade , page analysis and history .

The data provided in these four tabs makes every Pingdom report , a very detailed report of website speed and performance test .

Let’s see , what information is provided by these four tabs :-

1 ) Waterfall : It can arrange all the files of a website in five different ways : 1) file size ,  2) file type , 3) load time , 4) load order , and , 5) URL


waterfall section of Pingdom test


2 ) Performance Grade :  It provides a score of 0 to 100 to different parameters of measuring performance of a web page , like no. of bad requests , request size , no. of redirects etc .

It is very important part of the report , as it tells us why performance of our website is great, average, or poor .


Performance grade section of pingdom test


3 ) Page Analysis : This part tells us which part of our website is consuming more resources ;  HTML , CSS , Javascript , Images , or something else . It also mentions no. of requests being generated by all of these components separately .


Detailed page analysis of pingdom


4 ) History : This section of Pingdom’s website speed and performance test provides details about website’s page load-time , page size, no. of requests generated by the page , page score etc. , which were recorded during previous tests .


History of pingdom's tests shows the change in website's performance


History report is based on the tests done on past few occasions .

Those who want even more detailed reports about their websites can go for premium or paid plans of Pingdom .

These plans have prices ranging from 14 $ / month to 454 $ / month and even higher for large enterprises .




GTmetrix is another great website to get a detailed but simple report of website speed and performance test , without paying any money .

Top bloggers and website owners regularly recommend and praise it for the high quality of its reports .

GTmetrix provides following things which are very unique about it :-

1 ) It provides two different but comparable scores called page-speed score and y-slow score to know website’s speed and performance .

2 ) It provides the average score of all the websites tested by it , for every parameter like page speed , page size , no. of requests etc .

Take a look at bottom right corner of the following screenshot , average no. of requests generated by all websites tested by GTmetrix are 68 and requests generated by Zeniwo.com are 19 .


GTmetrix's website speed and performance test is very detailed


3 ) It allows us to make a video of the entire report of a website speed and performance test .

GTmetrix has a unique video report feature


4 ) It recommends the changes needed in the website and also suggest whether priority of a particular change is low or high .

5 ) It provides data for 20-30 parameters in its reports , which makes them more detailed than Pingdom’s reports  .


GTmetrix provides data for 20-30 parameters in its reports


6 ) It allows us to test the site from larger number of server locations and different browsers like Mozilla firefox and google chrome (these features are provided only after signing up) , and

7 ) We can download the entire report of Website speed and performance test in form of a pdf in 1 click .


Anyone looking for very detailed reports for a website or blog can definitely benefit by using feature and resource rich website testing methods of GTmetrix .

Like Pingdom , GTmetrix also provides premium plans which have advanced features of analyzing and testing a website . These plans are mainly used by large or business websites and have prices ranging from 15 $ / month to 149 $ / month .

Those who have some special requirements can also go for a custom plan prepared specially for them .


3 ) GOOGLE DEVELOPERS TOOLS (Page-speed insights) 


Page-speed insights is a tool provided by google developers team and is used widely to test a website’s performance on Mobile and Desktop .

It has 3 major components in its report of website speed and performance test :-

1 ) Mobile speed score

2 ) Mobile user experience score , and

3 ) Desktop speed score

Let’s take a look at one more screenshot to make it easier to understand :-


Google page-speed insights tool


Three things are very special about the test done by google page-speed insights tool :-

1 ) It provides a score for user experience on mobile , and as this is being provided by a tool developed by google itself , it matters a lot .


 Google page-speed insights tool provides user experience score for mobile version of the site


( We definitely need to do some more work to improve this blog’s mobile speed score .)

2 ) It not only tells the error but also suggests the solution of that error, through a detailed article written by google about that error, issue or topic .

See there is a line below every error or flaw reading show how to fix .

3 ) It provides separate speed scores for Mobile and Desktop , something which is not available in free versions of both Pingdom and GTmetrix .

Above description makes it very clear that google page-speed insights test is unique in itself . It does not provide detailed reports mentioning things like page size , no. of requests generated by the website etc .

Still it has its own importance due to few important details it provides and due to good credibility of google developers team .

  • To get more details about google page-speed insights test , click here .


Few more websites to do a free website speed and performance test 



It is always good to use multiple tools to track the performance of a website and compare the results provided by them . As , by doing so, we can reduce the risk caused by wrong methods used by some website or tool to do a website speed and performance test .

For most new and small bloggers , using Pingdom , GTmetrix , and Google developers tools should be sufficient to track their websites . Only few of us actually need and can afford the premium versions of the reports provided by these websites .

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Now, this long and detailed article comes to an end ; we hope that it will help many bloggers and aspiring bloggers .