Avast antivirus is the most popular antivirus software in the world. In 2021, it is being used on hundreds of millions of devices. In this post we will try to understand the reasons behind such huge popularity of Avast.

Following are the main reasons due to which Avast is so successful and popular :-

1. Free Version :-  Many users of Avast go with the free version, as it is good enough to provide basic level of protection from viruses and malware. This free antivirus is enough for those who use their laptops or other devices in a light manner.

2. Cheap pricing :- Even the premium versions of Avast can be used by paying small amount of money. In low-income countries, they starts from as low as $20 per year. Due to this people having a very limited budget can also use its services.

3. Simple user interface :-  It’s user interface is very simple, due to which one can move to different options within few clicks. Even people with limited technical knowledge can use it comfortably due to use of simple terms and words. Beautiful appearance of the interface becomes an additional plus point.

4. Heavy marketing :-  The fact that most internet users have heard about Avast, shows that they spend lot of time and money to build a positive image and to get recognition among possible customers.

5. Quick virus scan :-  It has a quick virus scan feature, which takes just few minutes. This scan not just finds out possible security issues in the computer, but also fix them within few clicks. It’s very simple and everyone can do it.

6. In-depth scan :- It also has a deep scan feature which is lengthy and requires more time. It scans every file and folder of the computer to find out any hidden malware or virus. Doing it is also very simple.

7. Custom scan :-  If someone doubts that any specific file or folder can have some virus or malware, he can run a custom scan for that specific location. This provides high level of flexibility to Avast users.

8. Multi-OS support :-   It can run on devices having different operating systems like windows, mac OS, and android. This increase the user base very naturally. Only few other antivirus software provide this facility.

9. Phishing protection :-  Its premium versions provide excellent protection from dangerous and cleverly targeted phishing attacks on the windows and mac systems. Phishing in some cases can be far more risky for a web user than a random virus or malware attack.  

10. Avast secure browser :-  Avast also provides its own secure web browser based on chromium. This browser helps in password protection and also provides the option of ad-blocking.

11. Testing performance :-   Avast has done very well in independent tests conducted by various premium technology magazines. It managed to protect the systems well from both online and offline security threats.