Boat is an Indian headphone brand which has earned a strong reputation for its quality and style during last few years. These days it is giving tough competition to established international brands like Sony and Boult.

Here are some of the crucial features of Boat’s popular budget friendly product known as Bassheads 242, which is a set of wired earphones :-

1. Design :- They have innovative design which allows sufficient adjustment for having a comfortable experience.

2. Colour range :- These earphones are available in multiple colours like orange, black, blue, green etc. Different people can choose different colours on the basis of their interest and attitude.

3. Sound quality :-  These earphones have powerful 10mm drivers for very high level clarity. Bass-driven stereo sound and good attenuation of ambient noise, leads to further improvement of quality standards. Sensitivity and frequency is also in a balanced range, providing precision to the sound quality.

4. Noise cancellation :- It allows users to get rid of distracting external noises. You can easily enjoy good music, or attend an urgent call while being in a noisy surrounding. 

5. Trendy ear hooks :- This feature allows you to enjoy more comfortable fitting, while doing exercise or walking. You can continue using earphones without risk of their falling down or slipping off your ears.

6. Travel friendly-ness and compatibility :- These earphones can be used with any device having a 3.5mm jack. You can carry them very comfortably in your pocket or bag as they can be easily folded without risk of getting damaged.

7. Material :-  Light and strong components make sure that these earphones enjoy a long life. If a user takes care of basic things, then, they can work well for 2-3 years.

8. Warranty :- You will get a decent warranty period of 1 year for these earphones. It is really nice considering their low price.


If you are interested in buying Boat Bassheads 242 in-ear wired earphones, then click on the following link :-