Getting some basic knowledge of web hosting and its different types will help you to understand which type of web hosting is needed for your blog/website.


  • A web host acts as a bridge between Websites and the Internet.

 Web hosting is the service which connects the websites/blogs created by individuals or organizations with the internet.

Websites are hosted or stored on special type of computer-like machines called Servers (these servers are provided by different web hosting companies).

A Web hosting company provides different technologies and facilities required to run a website smoothly.

How well a website performs depends on the quality of web host being used by it. Web host plays a major role in deciding the speed, uptime, and security level of the website. Therefore, it’s important to understand which type of web host will be suitable for the kind of website you run or want to have in future.

There are 3 major types of web hosting services, which are used to run most of the small, medium and large websites/blogs present on the internet :-


Shared Hosting

  • In Shared hosting, thousands of websites are hosted on a single SERVER (same computer-like machine which was mentioned above).
  • Resources of that server ( like Bandwidth, Disk space, RAM etc.) are shared by all the websites hosted or stored on it.
  • It is used by maximum small and medium sized websites/blogs.
  • It is very affordable and it provides sufficient resources needed to run most of the small and medium websites.
  • Siteground and A2 hosting are two top rated web hosts for shared hosting.


Virtual Private Server ( VPS ) Hosting

  • A server is technically divided into many different parts in such a way that all the parts can be managed independently.
  • Each website is allocated a fixed amount of resources ( Bandwidth, Disk space, RAM etc.).
  • A website owner gets the power to change few important server settings as per his website’s specific requirements.
  • It is safer and faster than shared hosting, it improves the overall performance of a website significantly.
  • But, it is more costly than shared hosting.


Dedicated Server Hosting

  • An entire server is provided to a particular client for running a website or blog. Anyone else can not use the same server.
  • Owner of the server gets complete control on its settings like choice of operating system, hardware etc.
  • Generally, it is used by websites having millions of visitors.
  • It is very powerful and very costly ( cost of the plans are in hundreds of dollars per month).
  • Dedicated hosting customers also enjoy top quality customer support, speed, security, uptime etc.


Here, this simple and precise description of different web hosting types comes to an end. Now, use this knowledge and find the right web host for your website/blog.