Laptop processor plays a crucial role in deciding the quality of performance of a laptop. Let’s try to understand its primary function and major types of processor available in the market.


Main Job

A processor is like brain of a computer, which convert various form of signals it receives into final action. When we type a word through our keyboard or, make a click through the mouse, it is the processor which reads the message and convert it into a desirable action like web page visit, or some move in a video game.

Better processor leads to faster actions and smooth performance. More powerful processor also needs more powerful hardware and generally consume battery at a faster pace.

Processor are created by various companies like AMD, Intel, Pentium etc. Dual core and quad core processor simply means processor having 2 and 4 cores respectively. Higher number of cores mostly lead to better performance.


Various Types

Following are the major types of processors being used in the laptops by various laptop manufacturing companies :-

1. AMD – 

AMD processors are relatively simpler and mostly used in budget laptops. Earlier, they used to be good only for performing basic functions like web browsing, email work, using MS excel etc.

But, they have improved their quality significantly after the launch of Ryzen series processors.  Further improvement happened with the launch of Ryzen 4000 and Ryzen 5000 series launch.

Now, AMD Ryzen processor can also be used for advanced activities like video editing, graphics related work and gaming. These processor have proved to be among the best in their category.


2. Intel –

Intel processors have earned a strong reputation for their solid performance. Most mid-range and expensive laptops use them to boost the performance.

Intel i3, i5, i7, and i9 are the most commonly used processors these days. Intel i3 is the simplest of all and is good for those who want to perform only basic functions like web browsing and some office work. i3 is suggested to only those who have a very tight budget.

Quality wise i5 is of medium level and is a good option for most users. It is affordable and provide good performance for regular activities like video streaming, web surfing, gaming etc.

But, real quality comes with i7 and i9 , which are robust in terms of performance. These processors mostly come with expensive laptops. They can provide excellent performance for activities like video editing, graphics related work, gaming etc.

Earlier , processors of intel had a monopoly for high end devices, but now things have changed. AMD processors of latest versions are providing tough competition to intel. In some cases, AMD is proving to be even better than intel.


3. Others – 

Other than Intel and AMD, Celeron and Pentium also provide processors. They are mostly good for budget laptops and are capable to provide support for basic functions.

If web browsing, email work and some basic file work is all you need, then these are good. But, if you need to do heavier activities like video editing, graphics work, gaming etc. then it’s better to stay away from Celeron and Pentium.


In the end, it is important to remember that choosing right processor is important but other components also matter a lot. So, to pick a good laptop one should also pay attention to things like RAM, disk space, battery life, USB ports, etc.