These days smart TVs have became so popular that they have left behind conventional television sets. Despite the fact that the word smart TV is heavily used, an interesting reality is that few people actually understand this term.

What separates a conventional TV from a smart TV ? Is it just about LED or LCD ? Is it about internet connectivity ? Whether size is important or not while purchasing a smart TV ? We will try to find answer of all these questions in this article.

Following are the major features of a smart television :-


Basic Definition

Smart TVs combine the benefits of a television and a computer. Through them you can access TV programs running on your regular TV channels by using set top box or other facility. But, at the same time you can connect your television to internet.

By doing this, you can get access to different websites, paid video streaming services, social media networks, online games etc. Most smart TVs have built-in facility to connect to the internet. In most TVs, you can either use a wi-fi connection or use your broadband service for internet connection.

So, availability of internet services along with TV services is the biggest and most powerful difference between a regular TV and a smart TV.


Video streaming service

Using a smart TV, you can connect to internet. Then, via internet you can run your paid video streaming service like amazon prime video and Netflix on your TV. It is a completely different experience to watch something like a Netflix movie on your 50-60 inch TV set with your friends.

It’s much better than watching it on a 16 inch laptop lying on your bed in a corner. Larger screen size and openness of TV takes the entire viewing experience to a different and better level.

As we know, some video streaming services provide the account sharing option. Therefore it is better for those who share their account with their family members or friends. All of them can enjoy watching TV more comfortably in comparison to a smaller laptop, which has its own limitations.


Playing video games and apps

A good smart TV should provide access to latest apps. It should also have facility of playing video games on it. Some smart TVs have started building their own apps for their customers. On the other hand, some apps have started building special versions for smart televisions.

Video gaming on TV is becoming more and more popular with every year. Specially, kids and teenagers take lot of interest in it. Therefore having enough capability to provide a smooth gaming experience is important in a good smart TV.


Latest technology display

It is important for a smart TV to have latest LED display. Display is important for two reasons. First, it plays a big role in deciding the picture quality of visuals, which decides our viewing experience. Second, light coming from TV screen has an impact on our eyesight.

Latest display technologies like OLED and QLED do both things well. They enhance our visual experience quite significantly. And, they also adjust the lights in such a manner that they cause minimum harm to our eyes.


 A speedy operating system

An operating system is already present in many of the modern days’ smart TV sets. It’s important to have a powerful OS to ensure smooth functioning. Operating system allows a user to switch between multiple menu options, and also to use multiple features provided by internet.

On the other hand, if you go for a weak OS, it can get crashed while using internet services. This can badly spoil your experience and also cause some damage to your TV’s internal software components.


That’s it from my side.