Top 10 countries having highest per capita income

10 ) USA :- Here comes Boss of the world , United States of America . This economic superpower is located between Mexico and Canada in the North American continent .
Government type in USA is Federal presidential constitutional republic and it is widely considered to be one of the most successful democracies of the world .
Its population is 322.4 million (3rd) and population density is 35/km square (180th) . Its GDP (ppp) is $ 18.12 trillion (highest) and HDI is 0.915 (8th) .
USA spends more money per children on education than any other country in the world . Its basic literacy rate is 99% and approximately 80% of U.S. college students attend public universities .
It accounts for 34% for global military spending and 23% of global GDP .

Life of people in poorest country of the world

People living in Central African republic have to struggle constantly with things like shortage of food and water , lack of medical facilities , poor or no education , high rates of unemployment , threat to personal security , fear of widespread violence , high level of discrimination with certain groups of people and many other problems that we can not even feel and understand to the level of brutal depths of reality .
Richest 10% of the country have an average income equal to 69.2 times of the average income of poorest 10% . This combination of low per capita income and high income inequality shows that a common citizen earns only few 100 dollars in an year in CAR .