Siteground Hosting Review : Honest , Simple and Detailed

This honest, simple and in-depth Siteground hosting review will provide you very clear details about the quality of web hosting provided by Siteground.
In last 12 years, Siteground has established itself as a web host providing top quality services at affordable prices.
It is one of the most reputed and popular web hosting companies of the world at present.

While reading this review, kindly remember that most of you will be choosing a web host to handle your website/blog for next 1-2 years.
You do not have to find the best web host in the world, but the right web host for your particular website/blog .
So, be careful, understand your needs very well and find out maximum details about Siteground, before taking any decision.

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Honest web hosting reviews : Top 10 web hosts of 2016

This post contains names of few very popular website hosting services , which have established themselves in the online world due to their high service quality within the limitations of their price range , positive word of mouth , and intelligent marketing .
In this post we will provide you with following 3 basic information about every web hosting company mentioned here :- Name and age of the company , Short description of their smallest web hosting plan ( at the time of writing this post ) , General opinion about nature of web hosting service provided by the company .

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Website speed and performance test : Top 3 websites

Every blog or website needs to have a detailed website speed and performance test at regular intervals of time to make sure that everything is going well with it .
Pingdom, GTmetrix, and Google developers’ tools are 3 very popular websites which we have used ourselves on many occasions to test the performance and speed of .
These sites can be used by anyone without paying any money , and a detailed report of the website’s performance can be viewed anytime .

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5 special bloggers who are inspiring others

Thousands of aspirants from all over the world, enter the blogging world every year to earn good money, to earn some fame, to live a relatively free lifestyle or with some other motive .
Many bloggers struggle to make few hundred dollars even after years of blogging and few other make thousands or millions of dollars along with an online celebrity status within a short span of time .
In this article, we will take a look at 5 very special bloggers who have achieved success in the blogging world and are an inspiration for new and aspiring bloggers .
These 5 special and inspiring bloggers are Pete Cashmore , Michael Arrington , Pat flynn , Darren Rowse , and Jon Morrow .

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Earn 1000 dollars per month from web hosting affiliate programs

This article is only for those people who either want to create a blog or website or already own one of them. and , who are ready to invest some time and sincere effort to earn 1000 dollars (or a lot more) per month from web hosting affiliate programs .
This is a well proven and highly successful way of providing long term and continuous income to a sincere blogger.
There is a long list of bloggers who earn a lot more than 1000 dollars per month (few earn up to 40-50 thousand dollars per month) from such affiliate programs .
This is not the only but definitely one of the best ways to make money from websites . But it is surely , not a make money in 2 weeks kind of program .

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Top 10 countries having highest per capita income

10 ) USA :- Here comes Boss of the world , United States of America . This economic superpower is located between Mexico and Canada in the North American continent .
Government type in USA is Federal presidential constitutional republic and it is widely considered to be one of the most successful democracies of the world .
Its population is 322.4 million (3rd) and population density is 35/km square (180th) . Its GDP (ppp) is $ 18.12 trillion (highest) and HDI is 0.915 (8th) .
USA spends more money per children on education than any other country in the world . Its basic literacy rate is 99% and approximately 80% of U.S. college students attend public universities .
It accounts for 34% for global military spending and 23% of global GDP .

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When will India become a developed country ? and, How ?

It has been a common observation that economically developed countries where people are well educated and have access to knowledge of different point of views and opinions about important issues ; have more transparent systems , more open culture , and absence of significant gender discrimination or communal violence .
Therefore , they have relatively more developed societies , cultures and belief systems .
Let’s hope that Indian economy keep growing at the rate of 7.5 % per year for a long time and Indian society and people make some sincere efforts to improve its social and cultural values , then , ‘Most probably’
India will become a sufficiently developed country by 2035 or 2040 having very high level of economic , social , cultural , human , and environmental development .

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5 Things which make Kerala a special state of India

There is a huge difference in the development level of different states of India . Few states like Punjab , Haryana , Maharashtra , Sikkim etc. have performed very well whereas other states like Bihar , U.P. , Orissa etc. have very ordinary situation of development .
Among all the states of India , Kerala deserves a separate and special mention for the systematic and efficient approach it has taken for development of the state .
Experts from all over the world have studied and appreciated certain aspects of the “Kerala model of development” .

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Life of people in poorest country of the world

People living in Central African republic have to struggle constantly with things like shortage of food and water , lack of medical facilities , poor or no education , high rates of unemployment , threat to personal security , fear of widespread violence , high level of discrimination with certain groups of people and many other problems that we can not even feel and understand to the level of brutal depths of reality .
Richest 10% of the country have an average income equal to 69.2 times of the average income of poorest 10% . This combination of low per capita income and high income inequality shows that a common citizen earns only few 100 dollars in an year in CAR .

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