Bluehost vs Godaddy : Hosting King Beats The Domain King

This Bluehost vs Godaddy review is like a clash of titans.
On one hand is Godaddy, which is the biggest domain registrar in the world and a rapidly growing web host in category of shared hosting and wordpress hosting ; on the other hand is Bluehost, which is one of the most well known web hosts in the world, famous for its aggressive marketing campaigns and cheap hosting plans.

But, there is a serious problem.
Many customers and honest reviewers have criticized both the companies for focusing too much on marketing and compromising with the service quality.

Go on any web hosting forum and you will find a confusing list of happy and angry customers of both the companies.

Earn 1000 dollars per month from web hosting affiliate programs

This article is only for those people who either want to create a blog or website or already own one of them. and , who are ready to invest some time and sincere effort to earn 1000 dollars (or a lot more) per month from web hosting affiliate programs .
This is a well proven and highly successful way of providing long term and continuous income to a sincere blogger.
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Bluehost Vs Dreamhost : Bluehost Is Good, Dreamhost Is Better

On the basis of step by step analysis done above, let me conclude this review in following lines :-
Bluehost is a decent web host providing all essential features and sufficient resources.
But, its speed and uptime record is not very impressive and could be a lot better.
It is still a good choice for new and small website owners.

Dreamhost is clearly better than Bluehost in overall hosting quality.
Dreamhost is a bit expensive for beginners, but quality of its speed, uptime, support, security system, premium features etc. is excellent.
So, if you are serious about your business than it is wiser to spend extra $2-3 per month for superior quality of dreamhost’s web hosting service.

5 Things which make Kerala a special state of India

There is a huge difference in the development level of different states of India . Few states like Punjab , Haryana , Maharashtra , Sikkim etc. have performed very well whereas other states like Bihar , U.P. , Orissa etc. have very ordinary situation of development .
Among all the states of India , Kerala deserves a separate and special mention for the systematic and efficient approach it has taken for development of the state .
Experts from all over the world have studied and appreciated certain aspects of the “Kerala model of development” .

Life of people in poorest country of the world

People living in Central African republic have to struggle constantly with things like shortage of food and water , lack of medical facilities , poor or no education , high rates of unemployment , threat to personal security , fear of widespread violence , high level of discrimination with certain groups of people and many other problems that we can not even feel and understand to the level of brutal depths of reality .
Richest 10% of the country have an average income equal to 69.2 times of the average income of poorest 10% . This combination of low per capita income and high income inequality shows that a common citizen earns only few 100 dollars in an year in CAR .